Black Box


Surveys & Polling

We provide full service survey capabilities utilising all major survey methodologies including door to door and central intercept interviewing, CATI and online (including mobile). We run numerous ongoing tracking studies both in Singapore and around the region and provide omnibus services for clients either looking to minimise their research investment or after short term or fast turnaround results.

Blackbox adopts rigorous sampling requirements to ensure clients can be confident in the veracity and accuracy of our data.


Branding & Reputation

Traditional brand measurement approaches face significant challenges in today’s consumer environment as product and platform branding increasingly take centre stage and brand communications becomes more and more fragmented and difficult to manage and control.

Our approach to brand evaluation revolves around five factors – recognition, regard, relevance, reliability and resistance.  We help clients to determine how well known a brand really is (recognition) and how this translates into consideration (regard), utility (relevance) and value (recommendation).  We then look at the potential to optimize opportunities in the market by excluding those who will likely look elsewhere or whose previous experience negates a future purchase opportunity (resistance).

Blackbox are also specialists in measuring corporate reputation across stakeholder audiences. In addition to consumer brands we look at the reputation of institutions, regulators and other statutory bodies and help them to better understand the factors are driving (or impacting on) their overall reputation.  Our unique approach which involves looking at a mix of business, image and social factors allows us to shape and model future scenarios built around new investments and strategic decisions.


Communications Development

Our core strength lies in communications and messaging research. For over fifteen years Blackbox has helped clients to both test and evaluate messaging, develop and refine advertising campaigns and create more effective communications strategies that truly resonate with target audiences.

We employ a mix of survey and qualitative research tools for communications research. These include audience response measurement (dial testing) technology, digital communities and deliberative polling. We have also developed our own customised approach to issues management message testing and crisis control.


Integrated Analytics

In the new data landscape, organisations are looking to better connect the dots to ensure they understand vital and meaningful consumer information arising from different sources.  More than ever before, there is a desire to institutionalize systems and shift focus to assimilating and applying knowledge in real time to drive business.

Given our expertise in both gathering and interpreting data, Blackbox not only offers companies and government agencies the ability to integrate various data sets, we also draw attention to relevant insights that have been missed previously.  Blackbox also integrates social media analytics by supplementing aggregated data with real time feedback from audiences via live response platforms.