Black Box
What We Do

We view data as more than a commodity. Rather than treating data simply as an ingredient to ignite some higher form of content, we make the case that data itself is the content. Accurate, meaningful data can tell you the full story no matter how it is presented.

Having evolved from being a respected market research provider, Blackbox now offers a suite of data content services including campaign strategy, persona building, data storylines, thematic analysis, message optimization and advanced visualization.

At Blackbox, we provide our clients with a range of data+ services. Over and above clear insights we translate data into action, stories and advocacy depending on the need at hand.

Whether it is state of the art polling, digital storybooks or dataviz that pops, Blackbox provides data solutions to match your needs.


Polling Specialists


Blackbox is recognised as one of the leading polling firms in Asia. We measure government performance, community sentiment and institutional reputation as well as brand and communications performance. We rely on a range of methodologies including traditional face to face and CATI and well as online surveys (where we often utilise a unique multi-panel approach). Given the unevenness of online panel configurations in different parts of the region we also adopt mixed sampling methodologies where necessary to ensure we reach the right audiences for our clients.

Blackbox polling attracted wide attention in the international media in 2015 as we were the only commentator to predict the likelihood of an improved result for the ruling Government in the run up to the Singapore General Election.


Asian Consumer Trends


For over 15 years, Blackbox has monitored evolving consumer patterns across the region and charted the course of the new Asian middle class as well as the impact of the internet and digital technology in a region where social norms are often more conservative.

Today we carry out consumer trend studies across Asian markets, new product and innovation work and sector specific research focusing on changing consumer patterns.


Opinion Leader Research

Blackbox is Singapore’s leading opinion leader research company, carrying out diverse stakeholder research and analysis. We regularly interview political and business leaders, social influencers, commentators and investors as well as area specialists to help us better understand ‘the big picture’ and how today’s issue agenda is being shaped. No matter the sensitivity of the topic we identify how best our clients can collect insights and gain fresh perspectives.

We also collaborate with a number of experienced partners who help us reach even the most difficult audiences.


Messaging & Communications

A key strength of Blackbox is communications research. Before starting Blackbox, our Managing Director worked for over a decade on elections in Australia and New Zealand, helping to shape winning campaign and messaging strategies. Blackbox was worked on a number of successful advertising campaigns and communications strategies for clients across Asian markets.

We have developed our own specialised approaches to communications and messaging research covering everything from early development and pre-testing to post measurement and refinement. We utilise a range of tools including audience response measurement technology, digital townhalls and advanced argument polling.


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