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Race in Singapore: Where is the Line Crossed?

Much has been written in recent months about Preetipls’ satirical rap video made in response to the E-Pay advertisement which featured a Chinese actor in brown face. Law Minister, K. Shanmugam, came down hard on the rappers, saying it was insulting and that “we have to draw a line and say not acceptable”.

Interestingly, despite the public hysteria, only 46% of Singaporeans have seen the NETS ad and even less (34% of Singaporeans) have seen the Preetipls video.

Overall, Singaporeans appear a little nonchalant about the Preetipls video than the ad, their views on the issue are fairly wide-ranging. Results suggest anything but clear cut perspectives on the topic.

More generally, while 58% of Singaporeans believe racial harmony in Singapore is strong, sentiment varies greatly by ethnicity and socio-economic status. Higher income earners are more likely to believe that racial harmony is strong, compared to lower or middle income households.