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Preparing for Terror Attacks: 4 in 10 Singaporeans feel “Run, Hide, Tell” Not Enough

As The Government urges Singaporeans to remain vigilant to the threat of terrorism, there has been debate about SGSecure and its focus on teaching the public how to react to terrorist threats, with its advisory of “Run, Hide, Tell” akin to what is practised in UK. However, findings in a recent survey concluded that while “60% of Singaporeans are aware of the terrorist threat, only 20% are really prepared for it”. This raises the question: what’s the best way to feel prepared?

According to our most recent YKA findings, Singaporeans are generally familiar with SGSecure (65%) and most of us (81%) take its messages seriously. In addition, close to 9 in 10 Singaporeans (89%) agree that “Run, Hide, Tell” is a good way to respond to a terror threat.

Despite this, some have started asking if more can be done besides safety first, following the Christchurch (NZ) terror incident in March, where a worshipper fought the attacker instead of running or hiding.

Should SGSecure do more to prepare us for terror incidents? Two in five Singaporeans (41%) feel that SGSecure should cover both “Run, Hide, Tell” and teach Singaporeans how to be first responders as well as some form of combat skills to deal with perpetrators. This view was felt more strongly by women than men (45% vs 37%).

On the other hand, 32% of Singaporeans still feel “Run, Hide, Tell” is the best policy, though this opinion was more popular amongst men than women (36% vs 29%). 

Image by Choo Yut Shing on Flickr