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Rent-a-Date: Men More Willing to Try But Women Will Pay More

In a country where applying for a HDB flat is jokingly deemed an acceptable marriage proposal, Singaporeans are typically a practical bunch when it comes to matters of the heart. As for dating, more than one in four Singaporeans (26%) say they have relied on the internet for romantic encounters. Feedback for online dating is generally mixed (46%) though, with only one in three feeling totally positive about their experiences.

More recently, the idea of actually paying for a date (with no physical contact and only at public spaces) has generated conversation, enticing us at Blackbox to pose the question to Singaporeans: Would you pay for a date? If yes, how much?

Singaporeans, it seems, are against this idea, as a majority (79%) say they would not do so. Of those who are prepared to try “renting a date”, men are almost twice as likely as women (21% vs 11%), though women who say ‘yes’ appear more willing to spend for the occasion, with 41% of women claiming they would pay $200 or more for a platonic date, compared to only 27% of men, who would fork out over $200.

Photo by from Pexels