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Activism in Singapore: Singaporeans More Vocal But Less Giving

While some may describe Singaporeans as reluctant to speak out when things go awry, our survey findings on activism over the last three years suggest things may be changing. On average, one in two Singaporeans claim to have carried out some form of activism in the last 12 months and our findings over the past three years reveal an upwards trend in this regard.


1. Petitions

Signing petitions is a popular choice among younger Singaporeans. Since June 2018, we noticed a discernible pattern of younger Singaporeans (15-34 years-old) signing more petitions than their older counterparts.


2. Town Council Complaints

Singaporeans are also growing more vocal when it comes to issues in their immediate surroundings. In the last 6 months, Singaporeans have been contacting the Government or their local town councils, with higher frequencies in May and June.

3. Charitable Donations

While charitable donations remain common, polling suggests a shift downwards in those donating over the last three years, possibly due to public scandals. We explored this topic in an earlier issue of YKA.

Photo by from Pexels