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Voyeurism on Campus: Singaporeans Unhappy With How Monica Baey Case Was Handled

Monica Baey, a NUS student, has attracted attention for her recent online posting where she expressed dissatisfaction about how a case of voyeurism was handled by Singapore’s premier university. Despite some initial public backlash, nearly seven in ten (69%) of Singaporeans say she was justified in publicizing the incident.

Blackbox polling also shows that 67% of Singaporeans are dissatisfied with how the case was handled by NUS administrators with 70% saying that the punishment of ‘suspension’ was inadequate. Furthermore, 58% are dissatisfied with the lack of action taken by the Singapore police.

More than three in four (76%) of Singaporeans think that the voyeur managed to get off lightly because he was a student, a first-time offender or a mix of both. However, 94% of Singaporeans believe it is at least ‘quite likely’ that the 23-year-old culprit would have faced harsher punishment if the incident had taken place and been reported at a workplace rather than a university campus.