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The (Un) Foldable Phone: Have We Reached Peak Consumer Tech?

Once again Asian tech giant, Samsung, has suffered the embarrassment of a product failure following the stalled release of its new Galaxy Fold Phone. This got us thinking at Blackbox: Do we even get excited about new consumer tech launches anymore?

Our May YKA found that while 56% of Singaporeans are interested in purchasing a foldable phone, only 13% say they are very interested. Amongst under 25s, high interest is only 8%!

Survey results also reveal Singaporeans are becoming more cynical about new consumer tech releases – 93% now believe that many tech products are being hyped and launched before they are market ready while 88% say they agree that most new tech products today offer little more than incremental improvement and are neither innovative nor ground breaking.

Photo by Minseok Ian Kwak on Unsplash