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Sustainable Singapore: Can We Become an Island of Self Sufficiency?

The idea of Singapore becoming a fully sustainable country might have seemed unfathomable ten years ago but technology may be altering this point of view. Since the Government’s release of its National Sustainable Blueprint in 2015, increasing focus has been given to Singapore’s ability to feed, water and energise itself in the future.

We asked Singaporeans in our most recent monthly YKA which sustainable goals would most likely happen by 2030. Singaporeans are most confident that renewable energy will form a significant part of the power grid (83%) while 75% believe SG households will use 10% less water by 2030. Almost the same proportion (74%) believe Singapore will produce 30% of its own food by 2030, up from 10% today.

Singaporeans are less certain about petrol fuelled cars. Only 52% believe that all vehicles will be electric or rely on renewable energy by 2030.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash