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Singaporeans Pushing Back on Plastic Usage

Come 2021, single-use plastics such as straws, cutleries and cotton buds will be banned in the EU. New Zealand will ban single-use plastic shopping bags in 2019, while Taiwan will impose a blanket ban on single-use plastic products by 2030.

These decisions reflect a growing global concern with plastic pollution. Although Singapore has no current plans to ban plastic bags, some companies like KFC and Resorts World Singapore have already banned plastic straws and many food outlets have stopped offering them. The current level of plastic usage is clearly worrying Singaporeans:

– 83% say they are concerned with the level of plastic usage in Singapore;
– 62% want a ban on plastic bags; and
– Nearly half (45%) are dissatisfied with our progress on restricting plastics (53% dissatisfaction for those aged 15-24).

Plastic bags and straws are not the only items of concern. If given a choice, Singaporeans would first ban or restrict usage on plastic cups, plates and utensils (30%), followed by beverage bottles (24%), ahead of plastic bags, straws and food containers meant for takeaways.

Photo by Martijn Baudoin on Unsplash