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Streaming Wars: Who Will Be Netflix’s Biggest Rival?

With Apple’s announcement on March 25 that it intends to take on Netflix later this year in streaming TV globally (well, in 100+ countries to begin) and spending money on original content, the first shots have been fired in what will likely be a brutal war of attrition over the next five years.

In addition to Apple, Disney also plan to launch a global streaming service later this year and others including Facebook, Google (YouTube Premium) and AT&T (owners of Warners, HBO and the DC Universe brands) will likely step up efforts to build global streaming platforms.

Singapore maybe a small outpost in the global streaming battleground but with more than a third of local households now in possession of a Netflix subscription and viewers here watching a strong blend of western and Asian content, who is most likely to go head to head with them?

Surprisingly, our recent survey of Singaporeans on this topic reveals that Apple TV+ only ranks 4th in terms of future streaming options well behind YouTube Premium, Disney Plus and just behind DC Universe. Facebook comes in last.

With several Asian shows now featuring in the top 10 preferred shows on Netflix in Singapore (see here), there maybe a valuable lesson in ensuring local audience tastes are considered. Those streaming services that manage to get the content balance right, may prove to be the biggest winners over the long term as streaming platforms continue to replace TV channels as our main day to day entertainment fix.