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Tales of Modern Retail 2: Does SingPost Still Matter

SingPost recently suffered a series of service failure incidents including the arrest of a postman who was discarding unopened letters and packages. Furthermore, SingPost was again fined by the Government for failing to meet service standards – this time a record $100,000.

These incidents do beg the question: should we even care? (Snail) Mail is less important today and most other services offered by SingPost can be got elsewhere. Yet, 65% of Singaporeans still use SingPost at least once a month. Even young people still rely on it frequently.

Most Singaporeans are also concerned about recent incidents and more than half think the fines will have impact on delivery standards. But only 38% of Singaporeans feel confident that SingPost can recover its service standards in the future. These are clearly uncertain times for the former postal giant. 

SingPost image by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas