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Netflix: American Teens and Korean Zombies

Our first survey of Netflix viewership in Singapore reveals that more than a third of local households now have a Netflix subscription. Viewership in HDB households is 36% while slightly higher in condominiums and freehold homes. (40%).

Asked to identify their favourite shows amongst the hundreds of Netflix shows and series on offer, three of the top six are of American origin, 2 are Korean with 1 originating from the UK.

Nearly a quarter of Netflix viewers (24%) list Stranger Things amongst their top favourites. This is followed by 13 Reasons Why (US teen drama), Black Mirror (UK Sci-Fi), a Korean Odyssey (Korean soap), House of Cards (US political thriller) and Kingdom (Korean supernatural).

Interestingly, while Stranger Things scores highest as a favourite in Northeast and Central Singapore districts, those in the East prefer the dystopia of Black Mirror, while those in the North and West are more likely to be hooked on 13 Reasons Why.