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Singaporeans Hope for Amicable Resolution to Recent Malaysia-Singapore Tensions

There have been growing tensions between Singapore and Malaysia in recent months. Topics of contention include resurrected plans for a crooked Causeway bridge, complaints about flights from Seletar Airport invading Malaysian airspace and most recently, Malaysian ships parked in Singapore waters.

When asked about the recent state of affairs, 85% of Singaporeans expressed concerns, while 72% believe it might damage Singapore’s status as a global maritime hub.

Over a third (36%) of Singaporeans believe both sides are equally responsible for the rising tensions, while close to half (48%) predict tensions will remain at current level in 2019 (21% feel things will worsen).

To reduce tensions, 65% of Singaporeans believe both sides need to discuss the issues in an amicable manner. This figure was higher among local Malay citizens, where 83% choose this as the best course of action for both countries.