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Go-Jek: More Willing to Try Out New Service

Grab is currently the top ride-hailing service in Singapore–76% of Singaporeans now use it on a regular basis compared to 57% in March 2018, prior to the exit of Uber.

The lack of meaningful competition for Grab is a cause for concern for Singaporeans. While 46% of Singaporeans feel that Grab’s level of service has stayed unchanged, 35% feel Grab’s service has worsened in the absence.

When Go-Jek confirmed their intentions to enter the Singapore market in May 2018, 49% of Singaporeans expressed interest in trying out the service. This figure has now risen to 61%. The Jakarta-based startup has just officially launched its service in January 2019 (after a soft launch in late 2018) and has already managed to attract 5% of Singaporeans to use it regularly.