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Society, Monthly Spotlight

Crazy Rich Asians: Craze in Singapore?

Crazy Rich Asians, the first Hollywood film in nearly 25 years with a nearly-all Asian cast, topped the United States’ box office during its opening weekend. However, in Singapore, where the story is based, there seems to be much less fanfare. Although nearly four in five (77%) Singaporeans have heard about the film, only 38% say that they are likely to see the movie in the cinema.

When it came to their personal feelings about the movie, Singaporeans most commonly said that they feel ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ will put Singapore on the world map and invite more tourists (30%). About one in four (24%) also said that they feel proud that the film features Singapore.

However, some expressed sceptical views about the movie. 27% felt that the movie was overhyped whilst nearly one in four (24%) believe that the movie, produced in the Hollywood, was likely to misrepresent Asians.