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Technology, Monthly Spotlight

Deconstructing the Digital Wor(l)d

Thinking about how technology has greatly impacted our work and lives, what behaviours, gadgets and software tools do Singaporeans deem as ‘digital’ in their workplaces and lives today?

Counter to intuition, Blackbox found that older Singaporeans of at least 35 years of age are more likely than millennials to consider technology-enabled behaviours such as online banking (70% vs 61%), e-payments (69% vs 58%), online shopping (65% vs 62%) and gadgets such as smartphones (66% vs 63%) to be key features of a ‘digital lifestyle’.

Similarly, working adults 35 years of age and above are also more likely than millennials to rate any specific aspect at the workplace to be distinctly more characteristically ‘digital’.

On average, as compared to older Singaporeans, fewer millennials seem to consider technology-enabled features and tools to be trademark of a digital workplace or lifestyle. This could be due to the fact that millennials who are ‘digital natives’ have normalised such behaviours to be inherent in the typical workplace and lifestyle today.

However emerging areas of technology such as work collaboration software such as Trello, Slack and BaseCamp (26% vs 20%), Enterprise Resource Planning tools (25% vs 18%), online analytics (37% vs 29%) and networking social media such as LinkedIn (25% vs 19%) contribute more to the ‘digital workplace’ amongst millennials than older workers.

As workplaces continue to transform with the aid of technology and the nature of work becomes more digital, 65% of millennials think that technology will help create new job opportunities whilst those above the age of 35 are divided evenly with 50% believing that a digital workplace.