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The National Day Spirit: Who Captures it Best?

Each year, Singapore’s National Day is headlined by the Parade which demonstrates the Singapore spirit through an impressive military parade, well-rehearsed community performances and an elaborate fireworks show.

Taking a close look at the list of organisers and sponsors, we asked Singaporeans who they think does the best job of representing the essence of National Day.

Unsurprisingly, SAF who deploys both regulars and national servicemen to organise the procession came in top of the chart at 36% (amongst 15-24 year olds which would include active national servicemen, this number rose to 41%).

Organisations which are directly involved in putting up the parade display such as the People’s Association (31%) and primary schools (24%) also gained more visibility.


Also, this year’s National Day theme song is a modern re-write of the 1987 classic ‘We are Singapore’ performed by youngster singer-songwriter Charlie Lim.

Whilst most Singaporeans (32%) are ambivalent, 12% of Singaporeans feel that the new song is better than the earlier iteration. About one quarter (24%) are sentimental about the original version, preferring the classic over the updated adaptation. Nearly one-fourth (24%) had not heard the song at the time of the poll which was conducted between 13 to 20 July.