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SG Property: Most think Prices Finally Rising While Home Sharing Gets the Thumbs Up

With en bloc fever in the air and the local property market seemingly picking up, Singaporeans expect home prices to rise across the board in the next 12 months.

Aligned with news reports that Singapore’s private property prices had climbed for the first time in four years, a majority of Singaporeans (62%) believe home prices will continue to rise in the next 12 months.

Home Prices in Singapore: Going Up?

The recent debate about the impact short term home sharing (via apps like Airbnb) is having on the rental market is also a nonstarter for most Singaporeans.

Only 22% believe the Government needs tougher rules regulating home sharing. Four in 10 (40%) believe people should be permitted to rent out their homes on their own terms while 21% think the current rules are sufficient. Just under one in five (18%) think home sharing is a good way to make money in a weak property market.

Home Sharing: Surge or Scourge?
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