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Reserved Presidency: Political Fallout

The September Numbers

YKA results for September indicate that the Government has paid a price for its decision to go ahead with a Reserved Presidency.

In addition to community, finance and economic perceptions all falling in September, the Government Satisfaction Index (GSI) which Blackbox has run for four years also showed a three-point drop during the month.

While we have recorded falls previously in monthly data, what is different this time is:

  1. The GSI has fallen concurrently with mood indicators.
  2. Singaporeans have marked the Government down across the board, and not just in areas most directly relevant to the reserved presidency

Historically, YKA declines in numbers tend to be short term. Singaporeans tend to ‘vent and accept’! The question this time is whether the bad result in September represents something deeper in terms of dissatisfaction amongst the general public.