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Consult Public Before Merging Schools, Say More than Half of Singaporeans Polled

The Ministry of Education’s announcement that 28 schools — including JCs for the first time — will be consolidated in 2019 drew mixed reactions from the public.

Some saw the move as a necessary measure to address falling student enrolment, while others questioned the lack of public consultation given the scale of the merger and the sizeable number of Singaporeans who will be affected.

51% of Singaporeans believe that the Government should first consult the community on important decisions that affect a lot of people. More generally, 51% of those polled also indicate that public discussion can lead to better decisions.

In the context of the JC mergers however, three in five people believe that the closure of some schools will result in a happy ending with the Government allocating more money and resources to the remaining public schools and colleges.

Public Consultation in Making Important Government Decisions