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Budget 2017 – Not One for the Heartland

This year’s Budget with its clear focus on business and the economy offered less to many Singaporeans. Overall, dissatisfaction with the Budget in 2017 was 11 points higher compared to 2016.

Budget 2017 – The Aftermath

Two thirds Singaporeans followed the news about the Budget announcements, however only one third said they paid close attention. Around 3 in 10 Singaporeans felt this year’s Budget was worse than last year’s, 6 in 10 thought it was about the same and only 1 in every 10 thought is was better.

Singaporeans largely failed to single out any clear-cut winners in this year’s Budget. People with disabilities and senior citizens were identified as somewhat better off (34% and 30% respectively) and the business measures were not widely appreciated with only 28% thinking SMEs will now be better off. With regards to potential losers, Singaporeans felt that retrenched and low income workers received little relief. Both groups were perceived to be worse off in this year’s Budget by 36% and 28% respectively. Older PMETs and mid-career job seekers were also seen as potentially worse off.

Winners and Losers in SG Budget 2017