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News Media in Singapore: Quality and Trust Still Count

As major newsrooms in Singapore undergo restructuring efforts to embrace the ongoing digitisation of journalism, the debate over print versus digital media continues to be contested. So how dead is print?

More than half (56%) of Singaporeans disagree that there is no longer the need for print newspapers, and that all media needs to move to digital formats to stay relevant. Even amongst digital natives aged between 15-24 years, 55% believe that print media still has a place.

Interestingly, 7 in 10 Singaporeans say that they would agree that the challenges currently faced by major news publications such as The Straits Times and TODAY are ‘more to do with the quality of their coverage’.

But it is also apparent that the general public are still struggling with the truth of news in the new digital world. Almost four in five (79%) say the public is more interested in online common than hard news but only 42% would believe such comments over hard news. Again, four in five (81%) feel that determining the truth in news these days has gotten more difficult.