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AI: Are Asians Ready to Embrace Non-Human Alternatives in Everyday Life?

Is artificial intelligence (AI) finally about to enter our everyday reality? 

Whether it’s your home, your car, your supermarket or your local family restaurant, artificial intelligence looks set to enter our everyday lives in a big way.

As recently featured on Yahoo News Singapore, Blackbox Research has put together an exclusive white paper looking at how Asians currently feel about robots and artificial intelligence becoming part of their everyday reality, whether it be at home or in other areas of life.

Our five country regional survey found that most Asians are indeed relaxed about AI becoming part of everyday life, albeit to varying degrees across different aspects of life. Most surprising is how people across Asia have a different take on the topic, highlighting cultural differences. Of real interest, however, is how the Chinese, more than any other people are ready to embrace AI in their lives. What does this tell us about the future of employment in the country with the most number of working people globally?

Most importantly, although previously confined to the shackles of science-fiction, the conversation about AI has now shifted quite markedly from a technology discussion into a community and lifestyle discussion. As such, AI is very much a topic about life today: how much governments, communities and consumers are willing to accept when it comes to transferring ordinary, everyday responsibilities to non-human intelligence.