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51 and Out: Blackbox Takes a Look Back on Singapore’s 51st Year in 2016

To commemorate the end of 2016 and Singapore’s 51st year since independence, Blackbox interviewed 51 Singaporeans aged fifty-one, asking them to tell us how they feel as Singaporeans at this moment in time. Below, we share some of their thoughts and highlights.

  • “It’s been a journey of development. 50 years is very short for a nation, but we have come so far. I have grown up with Singapore. This is a beautiful place to call home.”
  • “I was born in 1965 and feel proud and honoured to grow and develop with our nation.  For the past 51 years, Singapore has achieved so much – from a little red dot to a well-known country with good infrastructure, uncorrupt government, clean and green country, multi-racial harmony, etc.  Looking forward to the future, I sincerely hope that all Singaporeans continue to unite as a nation to maintain continued peace and prosperity for our country and face all challengers together such as terrorism.”
  • “We are a nation of hard-working pragmatists, our sights fixed upon the job in hand and the opportunities ahead.”
  • “As for the journey, I had experienced kampung living as a kid to private condominium as an adult. It won’t be possible if we do not have capable Govt. who tries to improve the life of its people and motivated and hardworking citizens who are determined to strive for the better. However, life in Singapore is getting more and more stressful. Physically, life has improved tremendously for me, but mentally, it has become more and more pressurised.”  
  • “Great as we’ve progress so well for the last 50 years & in fact, I’m as old as our nation since I’m born on 9/8/1965. Looking forward to many more great years ahead. Cheers, Singapore!”
  • “I am happy to be a Singaporean.”
  • “Singapore is doing extremely well, I will be a real happy person if I am doing as well as Singapore.”
  • “I feel proud to be a Singapore.  I am proud of my government who righteous and God fearing man and woman to govern our country.”
  • “I have seen the country of kampong to a country with high skyscraper.”
  • “Singapore has progressed from third world to first world country, even it is only just ‘a little red dot’.”
  • “I couldn’t ask for more and hope that Singapore will be in peace and harmony and won’t the target for the terrorists.”
  • “It’s very challenging in terms of political leadership, readiness and economic viability.”
  •  “Economically, we have grown from strength to strength.”
  • “Singapore has been blessed with a good government working with a pragmatic population to gain political stability, economic prosperity & social harmony in nation-building.”
  • “Not easy. Very thankful to The Late Mr Lee’s credit and also the people who had contributed.”
  • “Progress is good, however, I think the government still need to consider rewarding those older folks who have contribute a lot to the nation building of Singapore by giving them, if possible free admission to attractions, free public transport..etc”
  • “Good and bad time. Happy and sad movement. Up and down throughout 51 years.”
  • “Though we are still a very young independent country, we have much to boast about, such as the transport infrastructure, world class standard hospitals, high literacy rate etc.”