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Did Trump Just Accuse Singapore of Stealing US Jobs?

Speaking on Sunday at one of his final campaign rallies for this election season in Florida, Republican nominee Donald Trump told his supporters that countries like Singapore are taking away jobs from Americans. According to Trump, Americans are “living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world… Baxter Health Care laid off 199 workers and moved their jobs to Singapore. It’s getting worse and worse and worse.”

At the rally, Trump spoke of his plans to prevent companies from moving their workers offshore. “If a company wants to fire their workers, leave Florida, move to another country, … we will make them pay…They’re never going to leave this country.They’re never leaving. They’re never going to leave this country!”

With Singapore’s economy riding on the election result tomorrow, it comes as little surprise that Blackbox Research found Singaporeans overwhelmingly in support of Clinton in a poll commissioned and published by the leading regional newspaper, the South China Morning Post. Overall, 84% of Singaporeans said they would vote for Clinton given the chance, versus 16% for Trump. Likewise, when asked who they would rather invite over for dinner, 81% of Singaporeans favoured Clinton versus a meagre 19% who said they would prefer Trump as their house guest.

Our survey covered over 400 Singaporean adult respondents (nationally representative) and was conducted between October 12th and October 23rd 2016.