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Brexit Blues: Is It Really All Over?

Last week Thursday, the British High Court ruled that the British Parliament must vote on the invocation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – the necessary trigger to start the UK’s two-year withdrawal process from the European Union (EU). Previously, British Prime Minister Theresa May had stated that she holds the necessary executive powers to begin the formal departure process from the EU without a parliamentary vote.

In polling conducted as part of our monthly omnibus in August earlier this year, Blackbox asked Singaporeans for their take on Brexit. It found that less than one in four Singaporeans (24%) think that UK voters’ decision to leave the EU was the right one. Additionally, nearly half of all Singaporeans (46%) believe that Brexit will have little impact on Singapore, whilst nearly one in five (19%) think it will have a positive impact, and 35% believe it will have a negative impact.

The UK Government has appealed against the High Court’s recent ruling. The case is expected to be heard by the British Supreme Court by January next year. In the meantime, May has said that she is “clear” on the matter, and expects to trigger Article 50 by March 2017.