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Singaporeans Still Show Love for F1


When asked in an exclusive Blackbox poll, 80% of respondents said that hosting the race is still a good thing for Singapore, with just under seven in ten believing that the benefits outweight the costs of having the event here.

When it came to the positive benefits for Singapore, just under half view the boost to Singapore’s economy as the biggest benefit, with the increase to Singapore’s international profile coming in a close second.

When it came to the negatives, 46% complained about the disruption the race causes to public spaces and 36% complained about the high costs of hosting.

F1 nevertheless remains a sport largely for the wealthy. Whilst over half of all Singaporeans said that they would like to attend the race, only 11% said they could actually afford to do so. The Singaporean Grand Prix weekend continues to be a party worthy of celebration, albeit one with a large price tag.

Base: n=963
Question: “In your opinion, what is the greatest benefit of the F1 Grand Prix to Singapore?” & “In your opinion, what is the greatest disadvantage to Singapore of hosting the F1 Grand Prix?