Black Box
About Us

Blackbox Research is a Singapore based data content specialist. We provide research and affiliated data and communications services for business, government and NGO clients across Asia.

Since 2001, we have carried out work in more than 25 countries for a mix of international companies, government agencies, regulatory authorities and NGOs.

Our insights are regularly reported in both the Singapore and international media and we publish Singapore’s only regular measurement of community sentiment that is now read by more than 500 opinion leaders and influencers every month.



David Black, Managing Director

Blackbox has an experienced multi-national team of researchers, statisticians and sector specialists who offer high quality research support. Our owner and Managing Director, David Black has nearly 25 years of experience and is widely recognised as a leading pollster within the region. David provides advice to both high level government and corporate leaders and is a specialist in translating audience insights into high impact policy, business and communications solutions.

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Full Regional Coverage

From our home base in Singapore, Blackbox covers all markets across SE Asia as
well as China, India and North Asia. Our team of 50+ researchers, analysts and
communications specialists have expertise in statistics and sampling, advanced
survey methodologies, qualitative research, political messaging and social

Our operational capabilities also extend across the region. We manage a fully
integrated research platform which allows for face to face (CAPI), CATI and online
interviewing as well seamless hybrid studies.

In addition to community and consumer research, we also provide specialised
survey services for B2B audiences, influencers and opinion leaders.



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Blackbox clients are diverse and include government agencies and statutory bodies, market regulators, MNCs, international management consultancies, private equity firms, NGOs and local businesses.

We also provide pro bono support to organisations who specialise in social services and community outreach.

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