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#YKA September: PM Lee Calls It Right – Government Is Paying A Price for Reserved Presidency

October 13th, 2017 Posted in Monthly Community Sentiment Singapore (YKA)

It seems PM Lee’s prediction that the Government might suffer because of the reserved election was indeed prescient. Speaking in September, the PM said ‘Did I know that this subject would be a difficult one? That it would be unpopular and would cost us votes? Yes, I knew. If I do not know that these are sensitive matters, I cannot be in politics.’

YKA polling results from September show across the board declines for the PAP Government. Community satisfaction slipped six percentage points from 76% to 70% while the Blackbox Government Satisfaction Index (GSI) dropped 3 points to 79. Government numbers for the month fell across 15 areas (out of 21).

This month’s YKA also shines a light on up and coming Chinese tech brands and why they are a hit with Singapore youth.

YKA - September 2017