Black Box

Regular measurement across the region

Blackbox offers omnibus survey services every month across most Asian markets. We cater to both one off needs as well as ongoing mini-tracking with reporting and dashboard services if required.


YouKnowAnot: Singapore’s most authoritative community survey

Since 2014, Blackbox has interviewed 1,000 Singaporeans (citizens/PRs) every month, tracking broader community sentiment as well as people’s reactions to the issues of the day. Clients are also able to run their own customised questions every month with reporting and analysis delivered in quick time.

We also run smaller scale weekly surveys and provide up to the minute data within the span of a working week.

A key component of our monthly Singapore omnibus is our community sentiment monitor which tracks public attitudes on the nation’s direction, the economy and personal financial well-being. We also run Singapore’s only running measurement of public attitudes towards Government performance.

Our YKA newsletter is circulated to over 500 opinion leaders and influencers. Advanced analysis of the data can also be purchased from Blackbox. Please contact us if you are interested in subscribing to YKA.

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Regional: Asking Asia

Blackbox also runs a regional online omnibus every month in the largest advanced markets including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. We also offer smaller scale omnibus services in emerging regional markets.

If you would like to add questions for all or any regional markets, please contact